Gypsy life and people who hate it?        (2007)
i wanna say that i dont understand why some people hate gypsy so bad even those who are christian that not right sure a long time a go we was bad not gonna lie but we change we found God He make us from bad to Good and if he can forgive us for what our people did why can u why are you better tell me all we wana do it praise God and if that make u mad i am sorry we aint the stoleing lieing gypsy we use to be it hav that been that way for about 50 year ok yes some still do that but that cause there dum lol really thay dont know God so please the same way jesus forgave us YOU SHOULD TO GOD BLESS YOU
just a guy

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I am a Gypsy (bonafide Romani… “Gypsy”) and I like my life, thank you. I like my people. I like my history and culture.  I do not understand your question, but I shall try to answer.  The “lying, stealing Gypsy” is a stereotype. Romani are no more likely to steal than any other ethnicity. It is a stereotype that brings us much personal grief and we try to dispel every blasted day. One of the things that contributes to this stereotype in America is “gypsy crime”. This is a growing trend and the criminals are NOT necessarily “Gypsy”. They use the name. Most are Gadje. WE,
the REAL Gypsies, suffer for it.  As far as “Gypsy life”, that is however a Gypsy lives.  I live in a home. That is MY Gypsy life. Our past has a long history of nomadic travels and some, to this day, travel. That is THEIR Gypsy life. None of us require forgiveness for living our lives.  Now, the criminal element amongst us should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, of course, just like every other criminal.  I am not Christian but, if I were Christian, I would say “God made me Romani” and, as such, if I understand your beliefs, He did not make an error. If I understand correctly… “God does not make mistakes”.
Asker’s Comment:  well thank u u say what i want it to hear i am just saying Stop puting thing on us when something happen that all every time some one get rob in there house a gypsy did come on man not cool lol well any way gbu all in jesus name
xzone fan.. i had a gypsy life it sucks i didnt have a home to go to.
Dawn S       @Michael- I’m not sure if you are making reference to “real” gypsies in your question. I have a friend who is from the “Roma” background and found her to be wonderful. She was completely Westernized though. On a recent trip, we had the misfortune to be approached by Italian gypsies for their version of the shakedown. This happened several times during the course of a week, and I had to turn on my Cajun French to scare them away from my pocketbook. So I don’t think it’s really a matter of hatred so much as it is conditioning to expect certain behavior from general groups. That was all new to me, even though I’d been warned about it in travel books. It still surprised me when it really happened. If you are not part of that lifestyle, I think people will learn to accept you for who you are as an individual. God bless-
twigsoff…lol i’m bohemian. never affected me.
Well said, Michael.  I used to go to a church in Cadishead, Greater Manchester, England where the gypsies from a big caravan park in Partington, across the Mersey, used to come for their meetings. They brought gypsies there from all over the country, and the meetings were marked by real spiritual presence and a lack of fuss and nonsense.
vox populi
I’m a believer in God, and gypsies would be the last group of people on earth I would hate. To be quite honest with you, I find their lifestyle fascinating. I just wish I could meet some gypsies again. I did about twenty years ago (maybe longer), and they were very warm and kind-hearted people. I never could understand why some people are so down on them.  Then again, even if they were the last group of people on earth, I wouldn’t hate them. How can one hate a gypsy? A real small mind, I guess.
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