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3/7/2008 5:07 PM irishone
I have a huge question to ask. Gypsy crime groups are active in this country, running their cons, scams and other sorts of crimes. They are huge in the Los Angeles area, and I’d like to know why law enforcement is not more proactive in putting these clowns out of business. Prosecute them under RICO. The only website dedicated to gypsy fraud got closed down because gypsies would go on the boards and scream that they were being persecuted by non-gypsies. Or better yet, they would scream racism, although gypsies are not a race of people, they are an ethnic group like Irish, Italians, Mexicans and so on. Just looking for some feedback on this criminal group….
RE: Gypsy criminal groups  FraudTech Dedicated To Beating The Cons At Their Own Game
There is a worldwide debate underway concerning a multitude of issues about the Romani, Gypsies, and Travellers. The information contained on this site does not attempt to cover each of those issues because doing so would only detract from the intent of the material under discussion. If you desire a more detailed examination of this topic, it can be obtained through a book written by me and my co-author Dr. John Dowling. Details about this book can be obtained here LICENSE TO STEAL  The Traveling Con Artists, Their Games, Their Rules—Your Money

Here is an explanation of why I believe the information on this site is necessary:   It is hoped that by providing potential victims with an understanding of the crimes they are likely to encounter, that they will be in a better position to remove themselves from the potential victims list. This includes crimes committed by individuals and organized criminal groups, which are listed elsewhere on this site. This particular section is devoted to coverage on Gypsy criminal groups. The need to devote far more space to these groups than all others will be explained in this section’s articles.  For those who have already fallen prey to these criminal groups, this information should provide a better understanding of why they fell prey and, more importantly, what they can do to prevent future occurrences.  Law enforcement efforts to prevent the criminal activities of these groups are being thwarted by Romani activists, and others, who view all such attempts as being both unnecessary and racist. Although these beliefs and allegations are wrong, some law enforcement officials have for various reasons chosen not to respond, and in some instances have made it easier for these criminal groups to operate. Why and how this is occurring will be discussed in detail.

To illustrate the many problems that make any discussion about Gypsies so complex, I have decided to use a question and answer format. During my 31 years of investigating the crimes committed by these groups I have had occasion to interact with the victims, the criminals, academicians who study Romani culture, various Romani leaders and other law-abiding Rom, law enforcement officers from throughout the United States and abroad, district attorneys, judges, politicians, social workers, human rights organizations, and others who have an interest in this topic. During that time, I have become aware of the many questions, criticisms, and advice these groups and individuals have, and of their inability to reach a consensus on even the most basic issues.  Without a doubt, most of the frustration, anger, confusion, resentment, and illogical conclusions, that are very much a part of this topic, centers on the inability to reach an agreement on the use of the word Gypsy. Because certain words and terms that have multiple meanings will be used throughout this section, here are some working definitions that you can either accept, modify or reject after you have read this material.

Romani: The Rom are a distinct ethnic minority, distinguished at least by Rom blood and the Romani, or Romanes, language, whose origins began on the Indian subcontinent over one thousand years ago. (Patrin)  Romanes or Romany: The Romani language.  Roma: This designation has no counterpart in ethnic reality in North America. There are groups in eastern Europe who call themselves Roma, but that is irrelevant for the American context.  Gadjo: a non-Romani man plural = Gazho  Gadji: a non-Romani woman.  Gypsy: (as used by me) a reference to a specific segment of the Romani population who call themselves Gypsies, and who support themselves through various organized and very predictable criminal activities.

All reference to organized crime is based on the following:
“Organized crime” is understood to be the large-scale and complex criminal activity carried on by groups of persons, however loosely or tightly organized, for the enrichment of those participating and at the expense of the community and its members. It is frequently accomplished through ruthless disregard of any law, including offences against the person, and frequently in connection with political corruption. (United Nations 1975, 8)

THE FORUM: Your place to speak with others about Gypsies and to comment on the material you’ve read here.

3/9/2008 8:34 AM  oldhag   The gypsies are a perfect example of a group of psuedo-criminals who need to be left alone. They are nothing but a group of small time pot peddlers and petty scammers. They live marginally off of social services handouts. Really, why would anyone want to “crack down” on them is beyond me.
3/9/2008 8:06 PM   Steve Rothstein    Maybe because they are a group of criminals who are preying on the honest parts of society. It is not the handouts from social services anyone is worried about, but the outright theft and theft by fraud that they are perpetrating that deserves police attention.
3/9/2008 8:31 PM  irishone   Obviously oldhag you live on another planet and not down the street from this gypsy cesspool I have to live near. Most of what you say is true about them living on handouts and entitlement programs…but that is stealing from us….they don’t deserve the handouts when they make untaxed dollars from their numerous scams.  The gypsy clan I have to deal with have side business scams like driveway coating business, auto repair(they are not trained to fix SQUAT), dent removal, auto painting, fortune telling, casing for 459’s and then the actual burglaries, stealing from elderly people based on trick or device, ruse is used to get into home. The clowns down the street from me get an SSI check the first of every month, how they pay rent is beyond me as there is no visible sign anyone actually goes to work. They always have new cars or trucks, usually high end Expeditions, Suburbans. Toyota pu’s, and lately Dodge Magnums. How do people that don’t work, get entitlement checks drive vehicles like this except by committing crimes?  I will post an article from San Diego and San Jose on gypsy scams and how they get new vehicles etc.
Home Invasions
There’s been a rash of impostor burglaries in San Diego county and Carlsbad police detectives say self-described gypsies may be committing the crimes.  Last Thursday, a man posing as a water district employee entered an 80-year-old woman’s home in Carlsbad and stole more than $200 in cash.  In the past few months, the same scam was reported in Carlsbad, Chula Vista and several times in San Diego.  Carlsbad police detectives say all have the trademarks of a transitory criminal group. These self-described gypsies are also usually responsible for auto-repair schemes and fake international sweepstakes. Officer say they travel in packs and move quickly.  “They’ll be here in Carlsbad, San Diego county today and next week, they’re going to be in Arizona, Arkansas, then they’ll be back after that,” explains Officer Patricia Parra.  Parra believes the same group is responsible for a string of impostor burglaries in San Francisco, San Mateo and San Jose, and they’re now back in North County.

‘Gypsy’ Car Theft Ring Hit South Bay Dealers Hard
SAN JOSE (Bay City News)   Beginning a year ago, a group of self-proclaimed “gypsies” struck several South Bay car dealers using false identities and financial information to steal at least 113 vehicles, authorities announced at a news conference Tuesday.  Approximately 25 people have been arrested and police are seeking more than 50 additional suspects as part of a scam that lasted from August 2004 until approximately early February of this year, according to San Jose Police Lt. Vaughn Edwards, head of the Regional Auto Theft Task Force.  “The suspects were self proclaimed gypsies,” Edwards said. “They were all connected either by family or some other connection.”  Gypsies from across the country came to the San Jose area to participate in the scam after it was posted on an Internet chat room used by gypsies, according to Edwards.  “There is in fact a pretty good communication network via the Internet,” Edwards said. “It’s a very close knit group.”  Suspects have been arrested as far away as Alaska and cars stolen in San Jose have been recovered across the country in states including New Jersey, Texas and Florida.  Authorities did not even become aware of the scam until late February when the car dealers finally reported it.   By then, the gypsies had largely stopped working the scam because car dealers had tightened their procedures for verifying a car buyer’s financial information before allowing a vehicle to be driven off of the lot, Edwards said.  The car dealers targeted by the suspects were Capitol Honda, Carl Chevrolet, Courtesy Chevrolet and Chris’s Dodge World. The most popular cars taken by the suspects were Honda Accords and Civics but some suspects took Hummers and Corvettes, Edwards said.   While these nomadic criminals appear not to be targeting South Bay car dealers any more they often move about the country doing the same type of scam over and over.  “Philadelphia and Chicago, they got hit with a ton of these,” Edwards said.  Some of these criminals may remain in the Bay Area perpetrating other scams such as elder abuse. Residents, especially the elderly, should be cautious and report any suspicious activity or contacts to police, according  to Deputy District Attorney Tom Flattery.  “The best way to prosecute these cases is to make sure they don’t happen in the first place,” Flattery said.

Authorities have placed photographs of the suspects still at-large in this case on the Web sites of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office,, and the San Jose Police Department,
1/23/2011 9:27 PM juvenilecourtteacherLA
ALL of your concerns are valid and gypsies are worse than you think, having taught   (or tried to rather unsuccessfully) newly arrived gypsy children on the outs and arrested juveniles at the halls and locked facilities.   BUT…we need your help.   My husband and I are second generation (since 1980) LA County Juvenile Court School teachers who have worked with every kind of hardcore criminal and mentally ill adolescent you can think of, and we are having such a difficult time with the GYPSIES who are renting next door to us in the West San Fernando Valley. We are having trouble convincing local LAPD officers, detectives, SLOs, etc that the problem is severe and highly organized. They have invaded the West Valley and are pulling scams and unloading stolen goods in the middle of the night sporadically. They are planning on opening a “Spiritual Healing” business next door, which we all know is a front for obtaining info for ID theft among other scams. We have offered use of our security cameras or even our house. What should we do next? All of our relatives who were in law enforcement are over a decade deceased, so our contacts are gone and have been dismissed with a bit of an attitude. That is new to us. We need your help.

1/23/2011 10:41 PM    wolfva
I’d contact the prosecutor’s office, see if they would be willing to help you out.
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